It started with twitter….

I was at a the BCPVPA conference presentation this past October and saw Cale Birk from South Kamloops High School speak about collaboration inside instructional time. During his presentation Cale said “Twitter is the best Pro D thing I have ever seen.”

Now, I had tried Twitter with a small group of friends and found it to be kinda fun, we could write amusing tweets about what we were up to, thinking about, random info etc, but it only lasted about 6 months. We found that we could text each other and update our facebook and accomplished the same thing.

So, while sitting in the presentation, I pulled out my iPhone, logged onto twitter, found Cale and clicked “follow.”

Ah, now I see…

What I have found since is that there is a pretty big community out there (many in BC) who are principals and vice principals who have the same interests and passions as me. Now I have a group to watch and hopefully interact with as I learn and grow as an educational leader.

I work in a smaller district and we are working on many of the ideas that reoccur in tweets and blogs, personalized learning, relationships, assessment for learning, collaboration (and more…) and it amazes me that there is so much out there for me to read, think about, and learn some more. The information is literally endless.

Now by creating my own blog I also have the chance to create and contribute, which challenges me but it seems I like a challenge…

So thanks to Cale Birk for that simple statement in a presentation this past October, I feel as though opportunity for me to really grow as an administrator has arrived.

Side note, I wonder how many others heard the same at that presentation and are following along the same path as me, it staggers my mind to think of the numbers that will joining along with me over the next six months, never mind what we can do together over the next 2 years, and so on….


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