Leadership 2.0 Session 1

I recently attended/watched the recording of a leadership learning session called Leadership 2.0, organized by George Couros.

This is my homework…start blogging again.

I was exited about blogging when I created this blog back in 2010. When I started, I had just discovered twitter and was introduced to many leaders that were writing excellent blogs and it really accelerated my professional learning. I threw my hat in, but I never really got hooked on blogging.

But George made one point in the opening session that I really liked and made me rethink this blog. He said do not think of blogging as showing off, but rather think of it as sharing your learning in a very open way. So that’s my new lens: I will think of this place as a place to show, think about and share my learning…openly.

He also provided a framework that I think is excellent, using your blog as a portfolio for your professional learning around the Principal Quality Standards. I am very excited to frame my professional portfolio around our BCPVPA Standards. I see this an excellent scaffold to build my practice on. See Georges blog, Principal of Change, and click on the Quality Standards Tab to see this framework in action.

I look forward to the upcoming sessions in the Leadership 2.0 meetings, every Tuesday for the next few weeks. I invite you to join us. What a beautiful idea George: gathering anyone who wants to learn about leadership, free, and record the sessions so that we can watch them later if we cannot make it at the live time. Flexible, personalized, collaborative learning, love it.

Here’s the link: bit.ly/NR1NU9



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