My Inquiry Project – Part 1 The Question

Recently the Leadership Team at School District 48 Sea to Sky has embarked on a powerful new journey. We are creating individual inquiry projects that we will work on and then present at the end of the year. After two collaborative sessions, my inquiry question has been proposed, tweaked, scrapped, reinvented, the tweaked again. I think I have it now:

If we use Collaborative Problem Solving Strategies at our school, will it decrease the maladaptive behaviours to stressful situations for our students?

Collaborative Problem Solving is a way of doing business in a school that believes that kids do well if they can. In our alternative program, were have just begun exploring these ideas, proposed by Ross Greene (See my post: I’m a kids do well if they can guy.) The idea behind my question is that if we work proactively with students on their unsolved problems, will that work reduce the amount of maladaptive behaviours that get in the of students doing well (socially, emotionally and cognitively.)

The next step in my inquiry project is I need to determine what kinds of evidence I can collect that will help me answer my inquiry question. How or what can I use as evidence that using these strategies are reducing maladaptive behaviours? Leave a comment below or tweet me @rmass if you have any input or ideas.


2 thoughts on “My Inquiry Project – Part 1 The Question

  1. Possible ideas for data collection:
    1) Anecdotal observation: For example, I have been using to help me record instances of IB (eventually, if my records are detailed enough, I could go back through and make some connections and possibly find some causation).
    2) Teacher/Student surveys: Conduct a survey at the start of your inquiry that asks students/teachers to rank their perception of the frequency of maladaptive behaviour. Conduct throughout the inquiry and average results.

    • Thanks Cory for your great suggestions, I am interested in taking a look at planbook, maybe you could show me how you use it? I love the idea of the survey and I think creating it will also help me increase my understanding of the scope/continuum of maladaptive behaviours.

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